Mulberry x Rosanna Webster

Design, technical development, production and installation

In order to celebrate the opening of their new store in Regent Street, Acierta worked together with Mulberry's creative team to design and produce these bespoke windows for this specific store. Portraying the collaboration between the brand and the London based artist Rosanna Webster the windows were built to showcase the interactive collage art pieces designed for the campaign. With a series of orbital steel structures in the windows to hold 160 x 90 cm screens and monumental pieces also on this material that were placed inside the store.


Loreak Fall 2018

Technical development, production and installation

Loreak’s FW18 collection revolved around the theme of layers and opacity. Acierta collaborated with the brand's creative team designing and producing what has been the first step of this young and creative brand in the UK. Playing with bold graphics and colour blocking, as part of the brand´s DNA aesthetics, the project highlighted elements such as bicolour plexiglass screens and bespoke resin plinths. Besides the window installation, Acierta was also involved in the creative and production for 2 pop up stores for both Men´s and Women´s collection, inside the department store.


Chopard, Palm d'Or

Design, development, production and installation

Chopard´s inspiration for this collection and campaign came from their traditional collaboration with the "Palm d'Or " from the Cannes Festival. Acierta collaborated with the brand's creative team designing and producing this installation in their Harrods store in London, UK. The final outcome of the project was a facade completely covered in palm leaves representing rich red and gold colours of the brand and the Festival.
These were all produced with a mixed technique of both high tech laser cut machines and manual object construction and compositions.

Loewe, The Future is Green

Project development, production, logistics and installation.

"Imagine a future where nature, craft and tradition work hand in hand" Selfridges (n.d.).

This Selfridges brief was to create a new concept of luxury and to explore the way luxury can be used within sustainability. Loewe's Puzzle bag was re-created out of biodegradable plastic and displayed in the centre of the used appliance composition. Acierta sourced all the old and used house appliances surrounding the bag. A wall was then designed and technically developed and created out of the appliances, as a representation of the waste that is produced.

Louis Vuitton, Jeff Koons

Logistics and installation.

LV and Jeff Koons collaborated on these windows to bring his iconic work to life. The inspiration was his colourful metallic “balloon” sculptures. Acierta installed each window with the main impact being a replica of the Jeff Koons rabbit holding a Louis Vuitton handbag forming the main decoration of the window display. On the background, multiple elements of Louis Vuitton's monogram were created as pieces to make up the window.

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Loewe, Moon Jars

Technical development, production, logistics and installation.

Creating this mesmerizing waterfall feature which was constructed as a stunning backdrop to the Moonjars. The traditional elegance of handmade pottery of the Korean Moonjar. Known as the imperial ware for the Joseon Dynasty, are enhanced by the subtle and relaxing vision of this waterfall. Huge technical development was needed in order to create a continuous and homogeneous flow of water. Our team of specialists were on hand at every installation.

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Mulberry, Summer 18

Technical development, production, logistics and installation.

Designed in collaboration with the English (long established 1776) pottery house Spode. Custom cabinets with screen-printed doors were reimagined with the iconic blue and white porcelain print. Showcased within, were Spode's porcelain pieces displayed alongside the Mulberry product. The famous porcelain print was then screen printed onto transparent screens giving the windows a modern update to a traditional print. These windows bring freshness and colour to the Mulberry stores, creating a huge contrast with the products displayed.

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Loewe, Black Chair Windows

Development, production, logistics and installation.

The window display played on different material references. The backdrop was fabricated from a wood cane that boxed in the window. The Hong Kong chair that Acierta produced for the women's June 2017 presentation was fabricated from the thinnest laser-cut steel and was used to displayed accessories. As a juxtaposition to the chair, we produced concrete plinths for displaying smaller product items.


Mulberry Autumn 18

Technical development, production, logistics and installation.

Inspired in the herringbone patterns and colour palettes of Mulberry's AW18 collection this window was a combination of different materials and colours. Plexiglass screens and plinths made with folded steel sheets, coated in vibrant yellow and Klein blue were the main props used in the windows. These were in contrast of the soft pink velvet background, and the palm tree leaves laid out in glass pots along the window.


DVF, Holidays 2018

Development, production, logistics and installation.

The DVF Holiday window was a play on tradition. Creating shapes by folding panels similar to wrapping a holiday gift the shapes were then covered in seasonal bright materials and colours. Neon tubes created an outline on the shapes. The stack of plinths was a play on a pile of boxes under a tree. These were a combination of weird shapes in various materials - sequins, roughened plaster that emulated rocks and plexiglass. The bold colours were chosen to enhance the product that was displayed.


Loewe, William Morris

Project development, production, logistics and installation.

Inspired by the founder of the Arts and Craft movement William Morris. Loewe's windows were inspired by the famous Acanthus wallpaper. The print was produced to cover all the walls in the window. To clash against this leafy backdrop, Acierta produced neon orange chairs that coordinated with the mannequin heads. Punk vibes were incorporated by creating huge orange Mohicans for the mannequins, as well as producing bleached denim on various props of the display.

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Matchesfashion x Wales Bonner

Technical development, production and installation

Collaborating with Grace Wales Bonner to support the launch of her brand in Matches Townhouse we worked on a series of brass musical ceremonial rails. The rail design inspiration comes from artist Terry Adkins´s work. Each brass rail was welded with musical cymbals and brass instruments to create this sculptural and artistic shapes. The product was then displayed between the various instruments.


JW Anderson Selfridges

Technical development, production and installation

Acierta was involved in the production and set up of this large-scale printed fabric space in Selfridges, London. The space is built around the wavy-shaped wall covered with the pleated fabric curtain. Featuring one of the brand´s most recurrent element and material. With a large format print photographs. We also developed a sophisticated staircase, made out of wood and chromed steel. This was placed in the middle of the space to display the product.


MatchesFashion x Prada

Technical development and production

Matches Fashion opened their new 5 storey Townhouse Store in the heart of Mayfair. The luxurious brand has built this project to be an ever-evolving store concept collaborating with different brands and artists in a frenetic pace of weekly installations and events. Acierta was involved in the production of their launch event and installation in collaboration with Prada. These were a series of gaming props- Slot Machines, Pinball machines, Vending machines, all customised with the brand´s Matchesfashion X Prada seasonal graphics. As well as all the technical development and programming of these machines in order to play games especially designed and curated for this launch.

DVF, POS - Ceramics

Production and logistics.

As part of a radical new showroom makeover, Diane von Fürstenberg worked with Acierta on bringing to life the terracotta pot. The pots were designed to enhance other furniture in the showroom. Three shapes were created in various sizes either to hold plants or as product risers. The pots were hand produced by local craftsmen and then glazed from the design direction of DVF with bright colours. DVF then chose to use the pots as part of the new ‘concept’ store design with openings internationally.

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Loewe, Maison’s Furniture

Technical development, production and logistics.

Working from the brief from Loewe’s architects for the Maison flagship in Madrid. We produced a selection of furniture for the store taking into consideration the use of each piece. The challenge of the project was fabricating all pieces off-site and then constructing each piece in the store. The curved bench was fabricated from wood and then plastered in concrete on site. Cabinets and plinths housing pull out drawers for merchandise were constructed from a mix of wood, glass and concrete.


Piper Heidsieck, Extravaganza bar

Development, production and logistics.

The brief from Piper-Heidsieck was to create an object able to capture their “Extravaganza” spirit. This word is used by the company to describe the brand’s personality. Jaime Hayon designed this piece and we fabricated from wood and fibreglass. The lamp structure was 2 meters tall and the ice bucket diameter over 1 meter. This surreal lamp comes with an ice bucket was then rolled out worldwide in clubs for promotional use for Piper Heidsieck.

DVF, POS - Resins

Technical development, production and logistics.

Working with local resin professionals to achieve new and innovative results with resin from the DVF brief. DVF was one the first brands to work with resin for product presentation in store. A move on from the typical plexiglass. The milky transparent resin was developed for showroom use and then rolled out into all international doors. Geometric shapes for handbag risers and then smaller versions for the display of jewellery. Our resin experts achieved the colour and density of transparency results due to their rigorous research and expertise.

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Loewe, Showroom FW18

Technical development, production and installation.

Loewe requested 240 chairs for their Women's F/W presentation. The original Hong Kong chair was crafted from wood. The chair was adapted to have 3 different designs for the backs of the seats. Each chair was constructed to be as slim as possible out of laser cut steel and wood.


Loewe, Show SS18 (W)

Development, production and installation.

A serene environment was created for the Loewe show. The walls were recovered in white fabric. Interspersed on the walls were hung heavy canvas with printed faces which were used for the ad campaign. Taking inspiration from a museum visit in France. Curved metal benches were produced that were placed centre in the room for guests to view the presentation. As guests entered the room they were greeted by an atmosphere of refinement and simplicity.


Loewe, Showroom SS18 (M)

Development, production and installation.

Floors were covered with ceramic tiles creating geometric shapes in blue, terracotta and white. The furniture built for this project followed the same colour scheme, as well as the straight and basic geometric shapes of the flooring. To break with this strong aesthetic oval hand-crafted wood pieces dressed some of the POS’s legs, on the top of these display structures and around the venue, over 200 flower pots were laid out, creating a unique fragrance.



Middlesex University, FCS Degree Show

Design, technical development, production and installation

We were happy to support Middlesex University to showcase the end of year work for the students in the BA of Fashion Communication & Styling. Collaborating with Finsa pioneer in the manufacture of particleboard and MDF, we designed and produced a whole exhibition space of 70sqm. A total of four media towers each 4M high as well as 3 meters long tables to display the different student design books.


Loewe, Botanical Garden

Development, production, installation.

Coinciding with the opening of the new Madrid Maison, Loewe held a retrospective exhibition of its archive dating back to 1846. A photography book was published that became the inspiration for the walls, which were covered with images from the pages. In the middle of the space, we produced transparent plexiglass shelving with varying size spaces to display art and merchandise.


JW Anderson, Disobedient Bodies

Development, production and logistics.

The exhibition explores the way artists describe the human form through their work, showing over 100 art pieces in the Hepworth Wakefield Museum. All the art was selected by Jonathan Anderson mixing sculptures and craft objects with notable fashion pieces. Acierta produced all the standing sculptures reminiscent of bust forms in order to show the art pieces. These were fabricated from metal and painted in line to where they were to be shown.

Loewe, Craft Prize 2018

Development, production, installation.

The avant-garde and craftsmanship are celebrated in an exhibition that showcases the best of craft with artistic ambition from around the world. An unprecedented opportunity to meet the most outstanding international and cross-generational works in ceramics, jewellery, textiles, woodwork, glass, metalwork, furniture, papercraft and lacquer. We produced all 30 structures including the plaster plinths to display the art. The frame structures were produced in wood and constructed on site. Along with the installation of the room, covering all walls and floors.


Spainalight, Tokyo Pavillion

Development, production and installation.

Tokyo Design Week. This project was awarded as the best exhibition in 2011 by the CS Design Center of Nakagawa. Winning the Grand Prix Award out of 400 entries. The exhibition aimed to highlight different Spanish furniture and lighting design. Acierta created a space highlighting the showcase surrounds in orange to use as a backdrop for lighting and furniture designers from Spain. The exhibition was showcased at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo during the Tokyo Designer's Week.



Realisation Par at Selfridges

Technical development, production and installation

This installation has been the first retail space in the UK for the LA brand Realisation Par, a Pop Up at Selfridges, London. Acierta collaborated with the brand in the design and final production of this pop-up. Taking the cool LA brand´s aesthetics, the pop-up walls are surrounded by Realisation Pars Social and Campaign imagery. Focusing on our know-how on Perspex design we developed these furniture pieces in clear and red acrylic for the customers to enjoy the space. In addition to the RTW display which was held on the vibrant red high gloss lacquered metal racks scattered around the space to bring the pop of colour to the whole composition.


JW Anderson, DSM, Ginza & London

Development, production and logistics.

J.W, Anderson powerful Mutant visuals were used to transform the space at Dover Street Market. Taking the different artworks, we printed them onto fabric and upholstered the DSM display plinths with it.


Loewe, William Morris Liberty London

Project development, production and installation.

Inspired by the founder of the Arts and Craft movement William Morris. Loewe's windows for Liberty were inspired by the famous Acanthus wallpaper. The print was produced to cover all the walls in the window. To clash against this leafy backdrop Acierta produced neon orange chairs that coordinated with the mannequin heads. Punk vibes were incorporated by creating huge orange Mohicans for the mannequins, as well as producing bleached denim on various props of the display.

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Bisazza, Airplane Pop UP

Technical development, production, installation.

Jaymie Hayon created the concept of taking Bisazza tiles to another dimension. The project was highlighting the versatility and potential of Bisazza products by creating a surreal object. Creating a humorous, sophisticated version of a serious functional object a plane called Jet Set.
The 10 meters plane was fabricated out of fibreglass and the exterior shell covered in 200,000 mosaic tiles. The structure inside hosed a large seating area inviting visitors to take a cocktail.


Loewe, Paula’s Ibiza 18

Development, production and installation.

Loewe brings its world to a unique and wonderful temporary space in the heart of Ibiza, housed in the Museum of Contemporary Art. The whimsical prints featured on Paula’s ready-to-wear collection were used in various forms. We covered the whole facade and interior in one of the main prints used in the collection. The interior of the shop housed metal structures which displayed typical summer games for the beach. Giving an ironic feel to the store like a shop you would find at the beach. Acierta produced all the props - lilos, beach rubber rings and heavy cotton pouffes for customers to use.


Aeropostale, Valencia Flagship store

Design, development, production, installation.

Acierta were given the brief to take the US Aeropostale concept and adapt it for the Spanish market. We designed the first flagship store in Spain. Whilst keeping the roots of a downtown loft we kept the fixtures quite raw whilst not losing the origins of the brand. The experience for the customer was to feel the same energy as a store NY. Metal racks were created to display the ready-to-wear as well as mannequin legs rows to display denim.

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Adidas, Valencia CF Flagship Store

Architecture project design, development, production and build.

The brief was to create a flagship store to be a platform for values and the spirit of Valencia CF. Immersing the customers in an atmosphere like when entering into to the Valencia CF stadium. Working with multimedia and technology we built a 9m video displaying content. The main attraction was the robotic arm that gave the personalised Valencia CF t-shirt to customers on the purchase. We created a store that was fast paced just like a game of football.

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Barcelo Hotels, Hotel Torre Madrid

Development, production, installation.

Jaime Hayon’s objective was to create a space that represents Spain's past, from a new point of view. The bear sculpture standing at 2.5 meters which greets guests in the lobby is a nod to the coat of arms of the city of Madrid. While the other elements around the nine floors of the hotel are references to traditional Spanish culture with a contemporary aesthetic. Each floor has its own sculpture which has been hand produced. Other elements fabricated were lamps, masks on the walls and a metal framed face in the window. In the restaurant constructed from metal, screens were installed to separate dining areas.


La Sucursal, Veles y Vents restaurant

Design, development, production and installation.

We designed and converted the last third floor of the emblematic Veles e Vents building into a gastronomic space with Michelin Star. The design of the space was created to open up to the sky and brought light into the interior of the floor. The kitchen is open plan and a garden atmosphere at the entrance was created with a glass vitrine housing plants. To divide the areas glass and mirror walls and cubes lead you to the bodega and the outside seating area with views of the sea. The construction and installation of space took 3 months.

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