Dior, Horse Montaigne

Production and Installation

Using a 3D machine to sculpt the giant horse with dimensions of 3m in length and 2.4m in height. To create the desired hand antiqued effect. The surface of the horse went through a process of using a bitumen formula. Gently removing areas by wetting the surface to reduce the intensity of the patina.  

Loewe, Paula's Ibiza

Technical Development, Production and Installation

LOEWE’s Paula’s Ibiza collections, continue with the theme that celebrates the island’s free spirit and joyous attitude.    Sparkling sequins, bright notes of white and cactus punctuate this paradisiac collection.   850 architectural shapes manufactured in house which were made up of stairs and arches. Using more than 700 m2 of sequin fabric, 250m2 tiled tiles and 400 cactus.   The 28 mermaids staring in the Liberty London store had a hanging system that was developed internally for the Paulas project.  

Dior, SS22 Men's

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Dior launched its SS22 ready-to-wear menswear collection.
Vibrant hues reminiscent of the collection's color palette, occupy the space with larger-than-life flower figures.

 A total of 30 single and 15 double roses have been manufactured and installed in 23 different cities.

 Back walls, floors and carpets to highlight the roses. Bright colours in front of a pure white RAL.
 Petals are made of heat molded foam with an inner metallic structure cover with foam and polyurea.

Loewe SS22, High Heels

Technical Development, Production and Installation / Global Roll Out

These playful supersized shoes play a key role in the collection that the brand itself characterized as sensuous and psychedelic.    It's all about the shoe reveal: a series of sandals, where, in lieu of traditional heels, they are replaced with "ready-made" objects, including a cracked egg and swirling candle. All the heels and shoes were hand modeled and painted in our workshop. Egg yokes were given an extra glow high gloss finish. 19 giant shoes were manufactured!

Dior Baby, Coquelicot

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Taking the House's iconic Toile de Jouy motif in a new floral direction with bright colors.   Based on the style of Cezanne and an Impressionist landscape. Various types of flowers were inspired from the paintings.   Each flower was produced with heat sculpted EVA foam. The internal wire structure has a tall sculpted steel which was then covered with plaster.  

Loewe, Xmas Goya

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Festive windows at Casa LOEWE Madrid.  The trees are made of foam mattress lined with bandage and finished in rubber resin. Both models were manufactured by thermoforming and painted by hand. 
 The production of 1100 units of Espigas and Pyracanthas was completed in record time!

De Beers, Holiday 21

Technical Development, Production and Installation

This year's Christmas Windows are based on the exclusive De Beers Talisman collection and its signature feature, the serti-poinçon technique which lifts the jewellery to the light. Handmade hammered brass sheets treated with echo plaster create a gradient that transitions from plain white to lush brass. The blue backdrops complete the set with a starry night sky.

Mulberry, Brand

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Designed with a sustainable essence, each piece of these windows has its own character and becomes a work of art. The yellow Pouf is made of foam with a 100% substituted recycled chip filling. The tiles on the Green Wall come from Mulberry's stores. Terracotta Brick and Red Concrete are coated with sustainable resin. And finally, the Basket is handcrafted from a removable mould.

Hermès, The Journey

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The windows’s scheme tells the story of the journey of a ludic traveller and, as in the Odyssey, our main character travels the world to discover fantastic places and live exciting adventures. Five stores have been manufactured in Spain, each window completely bespoke, with a total of 14 windows made of acrylic spray paint finishes.

Loewe, Paula's 21

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The Loewe new Paula's collection is defined by fresh shapes that represent summer with handcrafted elements by artisans. Reflecting our artisan heritage with raffia and palm leaf, hand-woven by the artisan team. Loewe has collaborated with Spanish artist Javier Sánchez, who designed and hand crafted a series of animal sculptures for the concept of the Paula's Ibiza store.

Hermès, Bloom

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Each individual flower created its own process with our materialistas. Every detail of the petals were hand crafted, the depth and layers were treated with a very slight transparency. A FLOWER IN BLOOM.

Loewe, My Neighbor Totoro

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Natural landscapes and pure craftsmanship are shown through the iconic Totoro’s character. The new Loewe collection, a limited-edition capsule of bags, ready-to-wear and accessories, is immersed in a halo of fantasy and memory.

Mulberry, Priya

Technical Development, Production and Installation

 Our global roll out for Mulberry in collaboration with the artist Priya Ahluwalia. The interior window space is clad in a MDF lacquered geometric pattern using a bold colour palette. The vibrant cobalt blue sits within a 70's colour palette of camel, burgundy and burnt orange.

Joseph, Spring Summer 2021

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The Spring Summer 2021 season launched at the Joseph Collection Brompton Cross Store.⁣ ⁣ A collaboration between JOSEPH and the creative design of planters by Tina Vaia. Each piece hand crafted with the appreciation of the individuality of each piece.⁣ Selected coloured glazes to enhance the Joseph seasonal collection with muted oat, argil and custard being the central palette.⁣

Louis Vuitton, Urs Fischer

Technical Development, Production and Installation

This collaboration features a series of oversized, playful animated characters. The partnership with the artist and LV highlights the playful creative vision.

BOYY, ECI Window Display

Technical Development, Production and Installation

BOYY conceived an oversized Newton Pendulum featuring their signature BOBBY 23 handbag in a playful array of colours for this window display.
 The objective was to grab passersby interest with a suspended motion effect that was at once surreal and inviting.

Smythson Windows 21, The Collectors

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Each window plays off each other. The products were hacked with magnets to be displayed floating, no wires, just magic!

Thomas Pink, Laundry Windows

Design, Technical Development, Worldwide Production and Installation

Resembling a classic laundrette, this windows could be seen worldwide. Windows like Madison were displayed using real laundry machines, while in other spots like Jeremy street had real neon lights.

De Beers, Light of Love

Design, Technical Development, Production & Installation

Hand blown by our artisans in Valencia, we created shimmering glass spheres reminiscent of the drops of water on petals and leaves, to celebrate the launch of De Beers new Dewdrop designs.

Loewe, Knots

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Floors upholstered with camouflage textile and large knots hanging from the ceiling. Global Roll Out!

Mulberry, AW20

Technical Development, Production & Installation

Curved shapes with materials full of history, scattered throughout Europe, United States and Canada.


Dior Pop Up, Selfridges Birmingham 

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The new pre-fall collection is a complete counter-reading of Dior, a simplification of his work. In its background concept, romance and fragility are left aside and it shows a type of rebellious young woman. Dior Fall 22 is inspired by the last show's skatepark-style set.  More than 3.5 tons of birch phenolic board and 280m2 of flexible board finished in birch have been used. Each part has been manufactured ad hoc for the installation, a total of 210 CNC machined boards and almost 300 meters of led stripe. Approx. 1,500 hours of production in the workshop, 50 hours of installation in Selfridges, 1,450 built-in wooden parts and 17 trucks bound for Birmingham.

Jil Sander, DSML

Technical Development, Production and Installation

This unique corner at Dover Street Market was cladded in signature ceramic tiles and completed with brushed steel rails.   An outstanding store with a winning combination of exquisite materials and expertise. The curved ceramic wall is faceted due to the tiles. The lighting is embedded in the structure.

Off-White, Harrods Kids

Technical Development, Production and Installation

A green steel rack structure takes center stage in the space. A brushed oak totem that fits and works with the other totems to display product.   An Off-White Kids graphic sits on the back wall, with an oakwood illuminated shelving unit alongside a free standing white and black marble rack.

Dior Men's Fall 22, Kerouac

Technical Development, Production and Installation

New Bond Street, London A Pop in animation based on a manuscript to the ceiling.

JW Anderson, Selfridges Pleasure Garden Pop Up

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The new JWA Pop up is wrapped in nickel-plated metal sheets. The production process was based on hydrochloric acid baths to be able to eliminate the antioxidant layer of nickel. The metal was air dried with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and salt.⁣ In this way the oxidation process was accelerated. A natural and real effect was sought, imitating an effect of weathering. To stop oxidation, a varnish was applied with a matte effect.

Dior, Lady Art

Technical Development, Production and Installation

A timeless icon, the #LadyDior bag is a symbol of Couture, elegance and refinement. An architectural piece which never ceases to reinvent itself. For the Lady Dior sixth edition, artists from around the world applied their creative vision on the classic tote. For this special capsule edition, two matching walls were manufactured for New Bond St and Selfridges.

Dior, SS22 Women's

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Selfridges, NBS and Harrods   Based on the runway scene and the game "Le Jeu de l'Absurde" a series of elements were produced for windows and instore. The palette is a combination of black and primary colors. Floors, walls and podiums were a mix of matt and lacquered high gloss finishes. All being offset by illuminated props and graphics.

Dior x Sacai

Technical Development, Production and Installation

A set up of panels with fluid lines intermingled with merchandise for the Dior x Sacai men's capsule. This installation is a series of geometric wooden and backlit panels which intersect throughout the space. Plywood material fabricated to make 24 wooden panels in light and dark tones. These were paired with backlight panels. The whole production of 2500 slats 35mm wide were used!

Joseph, Foundations Pop Up

Technical Development, Production and Installation

A shop in shop installation housed within the Joseph boutiques. The design is monochromatic with the use of neutral materials. Rammed earth finish walls sit on a dark stained fir wood floor. A large high quality image sits within the space on a removable panel. Glossy white shelves showcase the product. A sustainable pop up installation with a monochrome finish to be reused for future seasons.

JW Anderson, Harrods Pop Up

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Womens Pop Up space consisted of the flooring covered with thick pile rugs. Yellow painted rails and coat racks along with plexi jewelry boxes.

Victoria Beckham, Shop in Shop Harrods

Design, Technical Development, Production and Installation

A pop up with an uber lux organic feel with a large olive tree central to the space. Bespoke rails are finished in soft blonde gold and walls have a white plaster finish.

Hermès, Christmas Tree

Technical Development, Production & Installation

With more than 3000 Hermes H shaped train tracks, Hermes has designed a Christmas Tree for Benefit Auction that climb around a tree 2,8m high.

Matches Fashion x I'll Pelicano The Grand Tour

Technical Development, Production & Installation

A 1930's sailing yacht was converted into a pop up store for guests and a place for lunch and drinks. The boat had a make over with Matches marble covered seating, bar and lounge area. Il Pelicano striped yellow and Matches marble flags were flying across the deck. At every I'lPelican hotel site a pop up store cabana was installed for guests to shop from.

Loewe, Paula's 19

Technical Development, Production & Installation

Joy, free spirit and nonconformist, the LOEWE Paulas Ibiza was inspired by bohemian coastal areas. It shows the natural fibers and radiant views of tropical paradises.

MatchesFashion x Prada

Technical development and production

Matches Fashion opened their new 5 storey Townhouse Store in the heart of Mayfair. The luxurious brand has built this project to be an ever-evolving store concept collaborating with different brands and artists in a frenetic pace of weekly installations and events. Acierta was involved in the production of their launch event and installation in collaboration with Prada. These were a series of gaming props- Slot Machines, Pinball machines, Vending machines, all customised with the brand´s Matchesfashion X Prada seasonal graphics. As well as all the technical development and programming of these machines in order to play games especially designed and curated for this launch.

MatchesFashion x Bottega Veneta

Technical Development, Production & Installation

Bottega Veneta’s installation at Carlos Place was inspired by cinema and vintage Italian movies. Against a neutral background, accents of icy blue and gold, neon branding and stacks of tv screens.


Orlebar Brown, Store Concept

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The Orlebar Brown production process was very inspiring. We scoured through reclamation yards out of the city to find antique doors and windows. Each window and door was laid out like a puzzle with a numbering process in order to fit onto large panels.

Borow, Store Concept

Design, Technical Development, Production and Installation⁣⁣ ⁣

We developed a store concept that reflected the values and aesthetic of the brand. Working with natural materials and hand finishes to create a carefree space with a unique character. The design combines architecture, craftsmanship and detail to create a unique and personal result.⁣⁣

Jil Sander, AW 20 Harrods

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The new Jil Sander store in Harrods is now open. Upon entering into the space customers are engulfed into a warm light wooden world.

Thomas Pink, Shirt Bar

Design, Technical Development, Production & Installation

The Pink Pop Up at Brookfield Place NYC is the perfect combination of Pinks classic store and and a casual after hours bar. We merged classic Pink patterns and luxury fabrics with playful neons and raw concrete details.

Adidas, Valencia CF Flagship Store

Architecture project design, development, production and build.

The brief was to create a flagship store to be a platform for values and the spirit of Valencia CF. Immersing the customers in an atmosphere like when entering into to the Valencia CF stadium. Working with multimedia and technology we built a 9m video displaying content. The main attraction was the robotic arm that gave the personalised Valencia CF t-shirt to customers on the purchase. We created a store that was fast paced just like a game of football.

Jil Sander, Flagship Store Paris

Overall Project Management, Technical Development, Production and Installation

Located in a historical listed building, respecting existing spaces and the facade. The overall feeling is like a warm home. The Paris flagship store has a welcoming gallery entrance which can also be used for exhibitions. Materials and furniture are natural adding a warm atmosphere which enhances the collections that are on display. With one of the key features being the wooden staircase.


Loewe, Salone del Mobile 22

Technical Development, Production and Installation

“Weave, Restore, Renew” is the title of LOEWE’s project for this Salone del Mobile and celebrates the regenerative power of manual labor.   Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan Craftsmanship across time and different cultures. #WeaveRestoreRenew was Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson’s way of highlighting the new life that can be breathed into broken or damaged objects by ‘a craft intervention’.  

De Beers, Portraits of Nature

Design, Technical Development, Production & Installation

During the couture week in Paris, Acierta had the opportunity to design and produce this magical showroom and experience event to present the SS19 De Beers collection, Portraits of Nature. A flamboyance of flamingos. A dazzle of zebras. A rainbow of butterflies. A shoal of electric-yellow fish, darting through water. A knot of snakes, sinuous in sand. The new Portraits of Nature High Jewellery Collection by De Beers, focuses on a kaleidoscope of wild creatures.

Birkenstock, Showroom x 6up

Technical Development, Production & Installation

The 1774 collection is the basis of BIRKENSTOCK being established in the premium and luxury categories – a key innovation driver, it reinterprets the Birkenstock Classics and focuses on new manufacturing techniques. A first step in creating timeless basics, the collection is executed in Black, White, Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Kelly Green.

Loewe, Show SS18 (W)

Development, production and installation.

A serene environment was created for the Loewe show. The walls were recovered in white fabric. Interspersed on the walls were hung heavy canvas with printed faces which were used for the ad campaign. Taking inspiration from a museum visit in France. Curved metal benches were produced that were placed centre in the room for guests to view the presentation. As guests entered the room they were greeted by an atmosphere of refinement and simplicity.

JW Anderson, Showroom SS19

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Loewe, Showroom FW18

Technical development, production and installation.

Loewe requested 240 chairs for their Women's F/W presentation. The original Hong Kong chair was crafted from wood. The chair was adapted to have 3 different designs for the backs of the seats. Each chair was constructed to be as slim as possible out of laser cut steel and wood.

Kaleos Eyehunters, Silmo 2018

Design, Technical Development and Production

Light, marble stone, metal and polycarbonate were the four main elements of the space. Designed to play with the light effects while showcasing a vast amount of product, it achieves a mesmerising yet elegant and modern appearance.

JW Anderson Life in Vogue, Salone del Mobile

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The juxtaposition of the past and contemporary times is one of the designer's hallmarks. It describes aesthetics as a mixture of elements of the classic English style with modern touches.


Byredo, Scented Fans

Technical Development, Production and Installation

A new decorative expression in home fragrance, these scented fans are made of hand-polished birch and high quality cotton with a silk-screen printed pattern. Each fan comes in a vacuum sealed recycled plastic bag to preserve its unique fragrance, and with a walnut wood holder for display. Mini fan versions were also handmade, which included a hanger to use as an accessory. There are three versions with different patterns!

Omorovicza, Flagship Store Budapest

Design by Tina Vaia, Technical Development, Production and Installation

The feeling of serenity and the luxurious aesthetic are the foundations of the new Omorovicza image. Inspired by the lines, codes, colours and heritage of the original Rac'z baths in Budapest.

Mulberry, Terracotta Shelf Talkers

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The tailor-made POS is handcrafted with a pressure molding technique using gray stoneware. The final finish is baked enamel with a bronze tone. A total of 55 units have been made for Mulberry England stores in the UK.

Nike Live, EMEA

Technical Development and Production

100% recycled plastic was used in boxes and signs to achieve a more sustainable project.

Otiumberg, POS Collection

Design, Technical Development, Production

We recently had to design and produce the whole POS display collection for the brands new showroom and pop-ups. A wonderful display combining blown glass, hand painted marble finish and glossy pale pink materials matching the brands iconic white ear.

Smythson x Alexandra Jefford, Salone Del Mobile

Design, Technical Development & Production

The Ties that Bind ring series, a POS collection displayed during is Salone del Mobile 2019, Milan.

Loewe Perfumes, Cake Stand Harrods

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The display unit serves to display the whole range of perfumes by Loewe. It's designed in a way that every product category is displayed on each level, showcasing both the flasks and their boxes. With integrated lighting to elevate the product, the shape adapts to a preexisting base provided by Harrods.

JW Anderson, Selfridges

Technical development, production and installation

Acierta was involved in the production and set up of this large-scale printed fabric space in Selfridges, London. The space is built around the wavy-shaped wall covered with the pleated fabric curtain. Featuring one of the brand´s most recurrent element and material. With a large format print photographs. We also developed a sophisticated staircase, made out of wood and chromed steel. This was placed in the middle of the space to display the product.

Mulberry, POS

Design, Technical Development, Production and Installation

Series of POS designed for Mulberry in between 2017 and 2019

Givenchy, Selfridges POS

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The brutalist concrete blocks contrasting with the bright orange lacquered surface create a fresh display area for Givenchy men’s shoes collection.


Off-White, Paris FW21 Collection

Design by Admire Audio, Technical Development, Production and Installation

Presentation of the Off-White brand FW21 collection in Paris at the “Laboratory of Fun” event.⁣ A playground of creating emotions and the search for excellence. Where urban and luxury came together. An honour and a privilege to participate at this exhibition.

Michael Kors, Madrid Facade

Technical Development, Production and Installation

Facade of Calle Serrano in Madrid was covered with mini ranunculus flowers in white and various colors. Mixed within the flowers were a mixture of lemon tree and camellia leaves.   Each sq meter of the facade comprised of approximately 200 flowers giving the composition a dense organic feel.   The flower display continues inside the store, with the feeling that the flowers have entered from the facade and the interior of the store.

Zara, Chelsea Flower Show

Design, Technical Development, Production and Installation

Zara & Zara Home, Duke of York Square   Gold Award, Royal Horticultural Society  

JW Anderson Life in Vogue, Salone del Mobile

Technical Development, Production and Installation

The juxtaposition of the past and contemporary times is one of the designer's hallmarks. It describes aesthetics as a mixture of elements of the classic English style with modern touches.

Loewe, Craft Prize 2018

Development, production, installation.

The avant-garde and craftsmanship are celebrated in an exhibition that showcases the best of craft with artistic ambition from around the world. An unprecedented opportunity to meet the most outstanding international and cross-generational works in ceramics, jewellery, textiles, woodwork, glass, metalwork, furniture, papercraft and lacquer. We produced all 30 structures including the plaster plinths to display the art. The frame structures were produced in wood and constructed on site. Along with the installation of the room, covering all walls and floors.

JW Anderson, Disobedient Bodies

Development, production and logistics.

The exhibition explores the way artists describe the human form through their work, showing over 100 art pieces in the Hepworth Wakefield Museum. All the art was selected by Jonathan Anderson mixing sculptures and craft objects with notable fashion pieces. Acierta produced all the standing sculptures reminiscent of bust forms in order to show the art pieces. These were fabricated from metal and painted in line to where they were to be shown.

MatchesFashion x Frieze

Technical Development, Production & Installation

The Matches Fashion marble was used to cover all areas within the Frieze Pop Up space. Along one side video screens were encased into the wall. Each designer had an allocated space to display each installation.


Beirut Restaurant

Design, Technical Development, Production and Installation

Barcelo Hotels, Hotel Torre Madrid

Development, production, installation.

Jaime Hayon’s objective was to create a space that represents Spain's past, from a new point of view. The bear sculpture standing at 2.5 meters which greets guests in the lobby is a nod to the coat of arms of the city of Madrid. While the other elements around the nine floors of the hotel are references to traditional Spanish culture with a contemporary aesthetic. Each floor has its own sculpture which has been hand produced. Other elements fabricated were lamps, masks on the walls and a metal framed face in the window. In the restaurant constructed from metal, screens were installed to separate dining areas.

La Sucursal, Veles y Vents Restaurant

Design, development, production and installation.

We designed and converted the last third floor of the emblematic Veles e Vents building into a gastronomic space with Michelin Star. The design of the space was created to open up to the sky and brought light into the interior of the floor. The kitchen is open plan and a garden atmosphere at the entrance was created with a glass vitrine housing plants. To divide the areas glass and mirror walls and cubes lead you to the bodega and the outside seating area with views of the sea. The construction and installation of space took 3 months.